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Statnett has been granted planning approval by The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Administration for the construction of the interconnector cables and converter station in Norway.

Kvilldal is the chosen location for the converter station. It is a small village situated in the South Western part of Norway.

The site has been chosen due to its key position in the central power grid as Kvilldal is home to Norway’s largest modern hydropower station and largest interconnected system of water reservoirs.

The converter station will be built adjacent to an existing hydropower station.

The converter station will mainly use the existing high voltage grid; however, some minor adjustments will be necessary to the locations of the high voltage grid pylons.

All parties affected by the project have been contacted by Statnett.

Why Kvilldal?

  • Reliable power supply
  • Large hydropower reservoirs in the area. The capacity of the Blåsjø reservoir is the largest in the country, and could provide three years of full power production without any rain or snowfall
  • Very limited effects on the natural surroundings
  • Provides positive effects for the local community in terms of job opportunities for local contractors.
  • Shortest distance from a large power source in Norway to the UK
  • Kvilldal is home to Norway’s largest hydropower station and is one of Norway’s strongest grid points also with regards to the connected overhead line capacity.