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In the UK, NSL has received planning approval for the development of a converter station and the installation of underground electricity cables.

The converter station will be located on a 5 hectare site just off Brock Lane in East Sleekburn. A new site access road will be constructed off Brock Lane. The site forms part of the wider Blyth Estuary Renewable Energy Zone and falls within the Cambois Zone of Economic Opportunity.

The converter station will comprise a series of buildings within a securely fenced compound. The buildings will be constructed with a steel frame and clad with grey insulated metal panels. Some additional outdoor electrical equipment may also be required, but most of the equipment will be indoors.

Onshore underground cables will be required to connect the subsea cables to the converter station. Underground electricity cables will then connect the converter station to a new 400kV substation at Blyth (located next to the existing substation) which will be owned and operated by National Grid Electricity Transmission PLC.

Why East Sleekburn?

In the UK NSL undertook an extensive site selection process to identify the most appropriate landfall, converter station site and cable route for the NSL interconnector.

A number of potential sites were considered and assessed for the availability and suitability of land for a converter station.

After considering the land options available, the study concluded that the East Sleekburn site was the most suitable for the following reasons:

  • The proposed converter station site is currently in agricultural use and falls within Cambois Zone of Economic Opportunity. It also forms part of the wider Blyth Estuary Renewable Energy Zone, designed to attract and promote the renewable energy industry in the area.
  • A landfall has been identified at Cambois Beach Slipway, minimising the effects on the beach which is designated for its importance for winter birds.
  • The Blyth substation is close to the coast and offers a connection to the national electricity transmission system.
  • There are short feasible underground cable routes from the coast to the proposed converter station site and from the converter station site to the Blyth substation.