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As well as considering the location of the converter station, factors affecting the onshore cable routes have also been considered.

Onshore underground DC cables will connect the subsea cables to the converter station. These cables will come ashore at Cambois Beach Slipway and run inland across agricultural land to the north of housing off Wembley Gardens, Cambois. Close to the railway level crossing, the cable route will head south between Ferguson’s Business Park and the Sleekburn Business Centre towards the converter station.

Underground AC cables will be routed beneath Brock Lane to connect the converter station to a new Blyth 400kV substation.

Factors which have influenced the cable routing study, and will continue to define the detailed cable route, include:

  • Avoiding ecologically sensitive areas and effects protected species
  • Avoiding built development
  • Minimising disturbance to residential areas,including the road network
  • Avoiding known archaeology
  • Avoiding other known planning proposals
  • Minimising effects on water courses
  • Minimising risk of encountering contamination
  • Avoiding existing utilities and services